Climate Change

Climate change is a known natural phenomena – for example, the Earth has gone through periods of extreme cold (the Ice Ages) and has always bounced back to the temperatures we know and love today. What isn’t a natural phenomenon is the rapid acceleration of climate change that has been taking place in recent history. Rather than a slow, gradual, natural process spanning thousands of years, recent history has resulted in fast, man-made climate change known as global warming. And contrary to many people’s beliefs, there is overwhelming scientific evidence that this recent period of global warming is directly due to the activities of man. This is due to the massive amounts of carbon dioxide that have been released into the atmosphere due to human activities. As we now know, this carbon dioxide acts to trap heat around the Earth and cause global warming. The diagram shown below clearly demonstrates the massive increase in carbon dioxide over the last 70 years.

Climate Change
Carbon Dioxide Abundance Throughout History

In addition to the strong evidence that is the massive increase in carbon dioxide, we can also look at the results we would expect from global warming. A comprehensive list of these visible consequences can be found here! What is certain is that humans are responsible for this sudden uptick in climate change. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure the well-being of our planet for ourselves, as well as our posterity.



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