The Big Crunch

The Big Bang to the Big Crunch

While the Big Bang has become the quintessential theory for the beginning of the universe, the possible future of the universe is still an open question. While the universe we currently observe is expanding in all directions, who is to say that this expansion will continue indefinitely. And if the expansion of the universe ends, what happens next? While not all theorists agree with this model, one idea is known as the Big Crunch. This theory states that eventually the expansion of the universe will be overcome by the force of gravity. When this occurs, all of the matter in the universe will begin to collapse. Once this process has begun, there is no going back; the universe will continue to collapse until all of the matter in the universe is once again condensed into a singularity, just as it was before the Big Bang. While this result sounds catastrophic, it is unlikely to concern humanity due to the fact that our sun will die far before the universe would begin to collapse. While this idea is still supported by some theorists, many still continue the debate of the fate of the universe.

Source: The Big Crunch


2 thoughts on “The Big Crunch

  1. Interesting, although I knew of the 2 main possibilities (continued expansion or an eventual collapse), I never knew the latter was referred to as The Big Crunch.

    Regardless of which one is the correct prediction, I like both ideas at least on a purely subjective level. Either the universe expands into infinity through itself, or it goes back to square one. The latter can lead to an idea of an oscillating universe, which would be pretty amazing to think about – a cycle that lasts billions of years, expanding and contracting slowly, and in the process creating something as complex as humanity and the rest of the life on Earth with only relatively simple physical laws, would be pretty neat.


  2. It is comforting to know that this isn’t a problem for humanity to face. It still makes you wonder about time before the Big Bang – if the universe is headed for an eventual singularity, it’s possible that there could be another Big Bang and the Big Bang we know of may not have been the first one.


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